Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

💙💛October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month! So everyone embrace the blue and yellow 💙💛

The month of October is here to create awareness and teach everyone about Down Syndrome. To break down the basics, a person with down syndrome has an extra chromosome cell. This month is to create awareness and bring attention to the facts and not the speculation that is thrown around. Many people chose the ignorant route and draw up their own conclusion with respect to down syndrome and that is when end up creating a stigma around Down Syndrome.

How can you learn more?

That’s the magical key! Learn more about Down Syndrome without creating speculation. Do your research on the topic from the proper sources, talk to the right people and always keep an open mind when learning.

Here are a few websites that will provide you with accurate information regarding Down Syndrome:

  1. National Down Syndrome  –  The mission of this website is to educate every visitor with accurate information about Down Syndrome and they do a darn good job of it. When in doubt, this is the go to page that should be used to educate and research because it offers scientifically specific details explaining Down Syndrome. Personally, every time I wander on to the page, I’m enlightened with new information.
  2. Up With Downs – This informative website informs you about everything Down Syndrome related and also shares some wonderful stories with you. Be sure to check out their donation page.
  3. Kids – Parents tend to recommend this website not for kids, but for everyone who wants to understand Down Syndrome in proper way.

It’s not about celebrating disabilities, it’s about celebrating abilities.

– NDSS Goodwill Ambassador, Chris Burke

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