2020 The Year of Special Beginnings

Each year and day is should be equally special as the first day of a New Year. This New Year marks the end of the first decade of this century, we’re supposed to experience a lot of exciting events in this upcoming year and here is our count down to these amazing upcoming events:

  • The beginning of this new year marks the year of the rat in Chinese zodiac.
  • The 2020 Olympics will be taking place in Tokyo, Japan.
  • The Mars rover will be joined with a new friend in July or August. The red planet will be getting thoroughly explored by new adventurers.
  • Also brace yourself for an upcoming solar eclipse in December 2020.  Read more about this here
  • The environment is getting better due to the awareness that is being drilled into our society. Millions of trees will be planted all over the world in 2020, specifically Asia and Africa.
  •  Along with the hope for the environment improving, there are lesser people smoking.
  • Cancer has gone from being fatal life threatening to a chronic condition.
  • Disabled individuals are being given a stand in our society like never before. Gorgeous models with down syndrome are breaking stereotypes.  Our world is evolving, we’ve acquired our place in the world that is striving for equality with quality.

The New Year is full of hope because of the right people who worked hard to give everyone hope. Remember you’re part of solution and do your part by being kind and patient with everyone you encounter because you don’t know what they’re going through. As a person you don’t have to change the world, but do your part by being kind to the people you walk by in this world. If nothing, be kind in this world where everyone is struggling to find their place.

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