5 Halloween Safety Tips for Parents & Children

Halloween is the most exciting time of the year for children. However, parents are tense and struggling to ensure that their children are safe. It’s easy for children to get into trouble during this sugar filled fun night, here are a FIVE tips to keep everyone safe and happy:

  • The Most Important Candy RULE: Do NOT let your children eat the candy until an adult has approved and examined it. Remember it’s better to be a strict parents over a regretful parent. Not only do you want to ensure that the candy is indeed candy, but be aware of possible ingredients your child might allergic might be in the candy. Please be cautious of  any candy that has been pre-opened or looks unsealed should be disposed off immediately.

  • Dress Code: Dress your tots in outfits that will make them easily identifiable to you. Often kids are dressed in similar trending costumes and that perfectly acceptable, but add a little accessory that would enable you spot your child in a crowd. If you don’t wish take away the authenticity of the costume you can give them a colorful candy bag or bucket. Another thing to keep in mind with the costumes is comfort, ensure that your child is comfortable and they’re able to see through their masks.  Sometimes over sized capes and masks cause difficulty for kids especially when they are drudging around a bucket of candy. Most importantly make sure their costume props aren’t dangerous and pointed or have sharp endings.
  • Adult Supervision: Make sure there is a designated adult looking after the children. It’s surprising at how often children are left alone without any supervision on Halloween while trick o treating. If adult supervision isn’t possible create a buddy system with the children.
  • Familiar Territory: It’s fun to go exploring and of-course, kids see this opportunity as a way accumulate more candy. However, as a responsible adult you have to ensure that children don’t make their eyes bigger than their stomach. Sticking to familiar neighborhoods ensures that they don’t get lost on the route.
  • Understanding the excitement, but safety first: If your kids are older and would like to go out into the world of trick ‘o treating by themselves. It’s alright, let them be independent and stop sniffing (sniff, sniff), chin up. Give them the right tools when they head out into the world. Make sure the newly independent trick ‘o treater is traveling with a group and not heading out into the world alone. Give them a cellphone, flashlights and reflective tape on their bags or basket. Provide them with advice and warnings about the dangers of wandering away from familiar territory.

Bottom line: Safety before anything and Happy Halloween! Make sure you have lots of fun trick o treating!

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