Winter Care and Caution Tips

Winter has been officially here for few months now.  Some regions suffer from extreme weather and some areas just have a crisp air. The rain, snow and bitter winds are all here to stay for a while, so be ready for any and everything by arming yourself against the cold. As adults we assume that we know how to take care of ourselves,  which we do, but in winter we have to take that extra step to care for ourselves care and take our awareness up a notch.  The most important advice other than staying warm is to be cautious about our environmental conditions, beware of slippery pathways and unfamiliar paths because it’s fairly easy to get lost in bad weather.

Keep Those Little Fingers and Toes Warm!

It’s hard keeping children cooped up in the house, but when you have to take them out be sure to have them completely armed against the cold. Make sure everyone is wearing bright colors that can be easily identifiable from a distance. Scarves, gloves, mittens and hats are not just cute accessories, but also a necessity. Hypothermia and frostbite are quite common among children because they tend to care less about covering up. SO it’s up to the caretakers to ensure that the children don’t give all their clothing to Frosty.

Don’t Forget Elder Care is Priority

According to National Institutes of Health, elderly adults are highly susceptible to becoming targets to hypothermia. Older people are vulnerable when the temperature drops,  not only are they at risk for hypothermia but every day living conditions can become challenging. The weather causes streets, sidewalks to become  extremely slippery and wet requiring extra care and caution from the individuals walking on these paths.

Caution and care are your first priority in these situations. The young-lings, elders and everyone in between should remember to dress appropriately for the weather. Wear layers, warms materials, scarves, gloves, socks, sweaters and jackets to ensure you keep your body warm at all times. If go out often wear weather appropriate shoes or boots. If you are in snowy or rainy areas make sure you wear bright outer layers so that you may be spotted from a distance.

Final note: if you’re looking after someone and you suspect that they are suffering from hypothermia, your first priority should be to keep them as warm as possible. Place heating pad on their feet, wrapping them in blankets, while rubbing their hands and feet. Make sure they’re covered in blankets and wearing warm cloths. Do all this, but make sure you reach out to a professional. Inform them of the situation because despite all our home remedies aren’t the same as a professional’s diagnosis.  We would rather be cautious than sorry.

Happy January from our Roman Family!

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