Today’s behavioral health issues are far from simple. With increased demand to address a broad range of conditions, people need access to relevant, quality care. And they want it quickly and in a way that’s most meaningful to them.

Whether it’s getting help for common conditions such as depression and anxiety, or more complex challenges like autism and opioid use disorder, Beacon connects people to treatment that works—delivering the right care at the right time for the full continuum of behavioral health needs.


  • Applying our clinical expertise. Beacon delivers a singular behavioral health focus through our staff clinicians and broad provider network. Using advanced informatics and reporting, we identify high-risk members early and apply meaningful interventions before their MHSUD issues worsen.
  • Expanding access to specialty behavioral health care. Working with health care partners and providers, our programs address a wide range of behavioral health issues—from emerging concerns to complex conditions that put the member at risk for adverse outcomes. Further, we develop clinical pathways to help close gaps in care and expand access to specialty services such as autism services, opioid use disorder treatment, medication management, and long-term services and supports. We also use digital solutions, such as telehealth, to expand access and sustain engagement in treatment.
  • Providing clinical, administrative, and financial value. Beacon’s longstanding, nationwide experience enables us to address the challenges of access, rising costs, and increasing quality expectations. Through our evidence-based utilization and quality management programs, we ensure services are delivered in the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective manner, we analyze trends to improve health outcomes, and we identify system-of-care improvements.

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