SSI/ Medical/ Medicare Assistancee

Roman Empire can provide SSI support to consumers that are already receiving ILS from the agency.  We can also provide SSI support to consumers that have a desire only to receive assitance with applying, appealing, or filling out documentation from the Social Security Administration.

In working toward our ultimate goal is to support consumers with increasing their independent living skills, we provide opportunities for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) support because sometimes consumers need additional support along the way to live in a less restrictive environment.

Independent Living Skills include money management and assistance with utilizing generic resources as a means to lead an independent life.  Some of these generic resources include SSI benefits provided by the Social Security Administration.

Many consumers utilize SSI as their main source of income and have limited understanding of these benefits and how to maintain or apply for them.  We will assist consumers with SSI assistance under Independent Living Skills services.

If a consumer has already applied for SSI and was denied benefits, we can assist with the appeal process.  If a consumer receives a Notice of action (NOA) that is terminating or questioning SSI benefits, we can assist consumer with responding to the deadline and providing any documentation needed.  If a consumer receives an NOA requesting a response, we can assist the consumer with responding appropriately.

We are currently assisting Regional Center consumers with SSI matters and appeals.  We have successfully assisted consumers with obtaining and maintaining their benefits through appeals.  During the appeals process, consumers have received support with providing evidence or documentation verifying the consumers disability and inability to earn stable income.  Supported and/or competitive employmet does not always allow consumers to earn enough income to live independently and requires further intervention and support.

We will assist consumers with attaining SSI, even if they already have employment (competitive or supported) and for those that do not have the ability to work.

We have the knowledge and understanding to increase consumer probability to acquire or maintain SSI benefits.


  • Application Process Support
  • Assistance with Appeals
  • Assistance with Correspondence & Documentation
  • Notice of Action (NOA) Assistance


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