Competitive Integrated Employment Program (CIEP)

The Competitive Integrated Employment Program (CIEP) will provide opportunities for integrated, competitive employment for working-age consumers of the Regional Center that have a diagnosis of a developmental disability to search for employment openings that fit their wants, needs, and skill set.

Through an Employment Interest Assessment and direct one-on-one employment support, we learn the strengths and abilities of each individual consumer.  With the support of an Employment Specialist, consumers will be provided with opportunities to apply for and gain employment in fields that compliment their areas of interest.

The identification of individual skills will allow our clients to apply their strengths within the vocational field and not only find, but maintain a part-time/full-time job, volunteer position, or internship.

It is our goal to provide excellent opportunities to our consumers through strong partnerships and contracts with the business that will allow consumers to obtain and maintain long-term, competitive positions. This program allows our clients to search for employment openings that fit their wants, needs, and skill set. Using  principles that will increase job skills and job placement opportunities, empowering them to recognize their abilities and talents and demonstrate these to the community at large.

All training and support services are provided in an age appropriate manner with respect for the individuality and dignity of each consumer served.  Instruction is made to tailor the needs of each consumer.

Once employment is obtained, consumers will receive one-on-one support and on the job training from a Job Coach who will support consumers with becoming as independent as possible and to learn how to perform their job accurately, efficiently, safely, and successfully.

Our Job coaches use one-on-one positive reinforcement and will be responsible for teaching and assisting consumers with learning employer procedures, products, services, standards, policies, benefits, work schedule, duties and opportunities.

Competitive employment allows consumers to interact with individuals with or without disabilities in an environment that stimulates development in career skills.




  • One on one support from Employment Specialists and Job Coaches
  • On the job training
  • Positive behavior support & teaching strategies
  • Job Coaches use positive reinforcement, demonstrations, & hands-on modeling, verbal praise
  • Support and assistance with on the job with activities &  job searches
  • Job Placement activities
  • Opportunity to apply for & gain part-time or full-time employment, volunteer position, or internship

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