How To Reduce Holiday Stress and Anxiety

Holiday times are exciting with food, family and lots of cheer. They holiday spirit and season is joyful, but also stressful. The on goings of life are draining and that starts taking a toll on your mental, emotional and physical health. The season is a stressful time for everyone, not just for you but your family and co-workers, as well.

Stress is a leading cause resulting in anxiety and we’re all aware of the fact the holidays are the main source that cause this. Whether it is family or the pressure of the holiday shopping or the pressure of hosting. When your household is the host for family or friends from out of town, the tension of ensuring everything is in order can be extremely stressful and even if you’re the one visiting family. It’s completely natural to become a little overwhelmed, anxious or depressed in this season. Remember when experiencing these emotions to step back and calm yourself so that you may de-stress.

 Trying these steps may help you in your holiday stress:

  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed, step away and count until 10.  Drink some water, sit down or go for walk.
  • Don’t engage individuals who stress you out. It’s hard to avoid certain people during the holidays, especially certain members of the family, since you can’t completely ignore them don’t engage them. Stick to pleasantries and small talk, then distance yourself from further engaging the individuals.
  • Don’t overspend, stick to your budget. The season is about giving, but don’t overspend to impress or strain your finances. Be smart and frugal with your spending.
  • It’s alright to seek out help! Remember that, it’s perfectly acceptable to get help for your emotion, mental and physical health. If you’re feeling stressed, panicked or severe anxiety, don’t repress your emotional turmoil by ignoring it. If you’re unable to control it seek out help by visiting or speaking to your therapist or doctor.


Remember holidays are about cheer and love. Don’t be too hard on yourself while trying to live up to everyone’s expectations and letting negative conversations ruin your joy. Try your best to not let someone else’s sour manners and mood ruin your holiday cheer!


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